Each dissertation must be completed accordingly.

Requirements vary by organization, but there are general rules for registration.

First of all, the dissertation is provided, as a rule, in several copies. The exact number of copies must be clarified with the Secretary of the Dissertation Council. In the modern version of the thesis text is typed on a computer.

All texts of the thesis are printed on standard A4 paper, the size of which is 210x297 mm. Font size is not less than 1.8 mm and not more than 2.7 mm, in 1.5 - 2 intervals. Margins size: top and bottom - 20 mm, right - 10 mm, left - 25-30 mm.

The indentation size is taken in 5 characters, the heading should be done in three intervals.

Sometimes, it is not clear where a mistake or typos creeps into the text. However, you should not despair, these blots are allowed to be corrected by smearing them with the help of whitewash of the “stroke” type. Then you can enter individual characters in black ink. In addition, you can make the sticking of the wrong words and expressions correct words and expressions printed on separate sheets of paper. Error correction is also possible with the help of special correction tables, but no more than 1 - 2 characters per page.

Tables, graphs, photographs, illustrations, as a rule, are located on separate sheets with corresponding explanations that are made under them.

In the case of use in the work of quotations, provisions and thoughts of other authors, it is necessary to make references to their works. References are made without fail: when citing certain provisions, tables, graphs, illustrations, methods; in the analysis in the text of the article, monograph, dissertation of published works of other authors.

Bibliographic references can be divided into four categories according to their location:

  • inline links that are located directly in the line of text;
  • subscripts are placed at the bottom of the page, under the lines of the main text;
  • text links, respectively, are behind the text of the entire book, chapter, article;
  • combined links.

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