When choosing a topic, it is advisable to take the task of a relatively narrow plan so that it can be worked deeply.

Many prominent scientists propose specific research topics from the “cutting edge” of science and technology. A novice scientist engaged in searching for a relevant and socially significant topic should listen to their advice.

If you are not able to select and formulate the topic of the dissertation work right away, this should not disturb you. It is quite natural that with a small experience of scientific work a person lacks the perspective of vision, a sense of relevance, and perhaps the ability to briefly and terminologically correctly express what he vaguely feels and understands.

To eliminate difficulties of this kind will help the supervisor, whose responsibilities include assistance in choosing a topic.

In addition, the following measures are effective:

  • It is advisable to refer to the catalog of already defended theses in the scientific library or in the department.
  • It is worth paying attention to related areas of knowledge: sometimes at the junction of two scientific disciplines, for example, economics and sociology, sociology and philosophy, you can find topics that are forgotten by both branches of science, but have certain research prospects.
  • Of great importance is the methodological perspective of the problem. Sometimes a change of perspective, a new angle of view, is already the subject of the first scientific development (this is especially true of dissertations in social and philosophical disciplines).
  • It may be useful to view scientific periodicals, special editions, even thinking about the works of the classics of science that you do. In general, the more you read about your scientific specialty, the easier it will be for you to navigate to choose your dissertation topic. Try to use a peculiar method of "immersion" by analogy with how they learn a foreign language.

After selecting a topic, the next stage of your work begins - the selected topic should be analyzed and recorded in clear wording that meets the qualification requirements. It is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. You must determine the relevance of the topic, the scientific novelty of your positions, their practical and theoretical significance.

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